‘Carvel EP’ is available now!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Carvel EP! On this website, you can listen to the EP by clicking on the ‘Listen to the EP’ button above. Our number one goal is always to get our music into as many ears as possible, which is why our previous releases were free and BandCamp exclusive. However, we recognise that the music industry is changing rapidly and this format is simply no longer practical. We have decided to make our music available for purchase in all stores and free on all streaming services. If you are interested and able to support us by making a donation, or helping us the most that you can, we still ask that you use BandCamp to buy our EP. For the first time ever, we are also selling physical CD’s of ‘Carvel EP’. You can buy these directly from this site, or from BandCamp.

Most importantly – listen, reach out to us and tell us what you think!
– Tim, Cameron, James & Tom.


Update: 30/11/18 ‘Fading EP’ is out now!

Released on 30th of November, ‘Fading’ is our last single from the Carvel EP before we move on to bigger and better things. This track was one of our favourites to record, and despite not being an early single has been our 2nd most listened to track just behind ‘Colour Me In’. This made it an easy choice for our third and last single from the EP. The Fading single isn’t just a single – we’ve got two brand new tracks, ‘Asheville’ and ‘I’ll Wait for You’ on the EP, as well as our recent acoustic version of ‘Dark Side of Me’. We continued to write new music after finishing the Carvel EP, and although previously we’ve taken time out from youtube to focus on the band, moving forward we want to continue to build on our momentum we’ve established on streaming services with new music. So no more two year waits for new tracks! We planned to release some B-Sides with the Fading single, but we are really excited about these new songs, and couldn’t wait to show them to you.

We worked once again with Cheyne from Wild Honey Production for the music video, and our incredibly talented artist Damian Przygodzki who never fails to create beautiful and eye catching artwork.
We hope you enjoy the Fading EP!

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New Release!

Our acoustic version of ‘Dark Side of Me’ from our What If? podcast interview is available now!

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‘Colour, concept and character: the Carvel EP marks a turning point for the band, a release that sees Carvel solidify their groove like never before.’ 

– Happy Mag



‘With chiming guitars, upbeat drum grooves, thick bass, and smooth pop vocals this record oozes passion, showcasing the band’s excellent musicianship, self-exploratory lyrics and song-writing chops.’

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