None of what we do could be possible without fellow independent artists like these volunteering their time to help us. If you like their work, please show them thanks in whatever way you can.


Artwork & Website Design – Damian Przygodzki

Damian constantly surprises us with his talent for creating eye-catching artwork, and most of all his generosity to spend his time helping us bring our vision for Carvel to life. Damian designed our artwork for the EP, the website as well as the singles artwork and the printable CD design. He also designed the cover art for ‘For the Birds’ and its singles in 2015. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Damian.
Damian’s Website:
Read more about the artwork for ‘Carvel EP’ here.


Photography – Jimmy Cao

Jimmy stepped in at the last minute to take some fantastic photographs for our EP & website. His usual shtick is landscape and astro-photography. The centre-piece of the ‘Carvel EP’ artwork is reflections of a sunset photograph taken by Jimmy at Hervey Bay, not far from our hometown, Brisbane.


Videography – Cheyne Starkie

We had a blast shooting our music videos with this amazing man. We can’t thank him enough for his hard work and willingness to get up at 5am to shoot music videos with us and put up with our fussiness. Cheyne is a musician himself, and shares many influences with us. If you like our music, consider giving him a listen.

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