Artwork & Design


Carvel EP is an introspective collection of songs about self-reflection, describing different feelings and emotions at different periods of life. The EP artwork reflects this perfectly. Damian came to us with the idea of using reflections of a single image, mashed together and held into a ball of gravity, resembling a planet and we fell in love with it straight away. To us, each reflection is a reflection of yourself, a period of time in life. The psychedelic, out of this world feeling of the planet matches the textures and mood that we aimed for on the EP.


The single artworks are the moon to this planet, showcasing the colourful side of Colour Me In – two watercolour paintings by N.Huang, reflecting the original EP artwork onto Earths moon, assembled and designed by Damian.


The Dark Side of Me artwork shows an eclipse of the same moon, with a kind of cosmic radiation in the background from the original EP artwork.