Making the EP

‘After releasing ‘For the Birds EP’ in 2015, we made the decision to keep the band together and begin working on our next project. Our first goal was to make the band a permanent fixture on the YouTube channel and have our audience get used to the idea that it wasn’t going to just be Tim and Cameron anymore. We wanted to evolve and take things to the next level and introduce James and Tom to our audience. As a result, we spent the majority of 2016 learning to make YouTube covers as a four-piece band. This delayed the creation of our EP, but we wouldn’t do anything differently. We learned so much about producing our band and this has preceded the self-production of our EP.’

Read the full interview at Soundcheck


Initial Demo Recordings 
Work for the EP began in late 2016. We assembled approximately an albums worth of material written over the past year and decided to draw a line in the sand. We recorded a demo track of our 8 most finished songs, with the intention to democratically vote in our best four to take to the studio. Unfortunately, every song but one came at a tie, and so the mammoth effort to record a 7 song EP began. The decision to produce the EP independently was also made at this time.

First Draft
January 2017 saw us officially put YouTube to aside and begin working on the EP. The first draft of the tracks was completed in February, followed by the long process of deciding which direction to take each song. Our studio time was as equally creative as it was business, with many songwriting decisions made during the recording of the draft. We recorded different variations of beats, melodies, bass lines until we settled on a final direction. Many of the takes from the first draft made the final recording.

Final Masters
The final sessions for each song were recorded in March and April, with much of the preliminary mixing beginning around this time. May & June began writing and recording of vocals, keys, and auxiliary percussion. With James moving to Europe in July, production was ramped into overtime, with many long nights spent arduously mixing and mastering the tracks.

Some final last minute decisions were made in July 2017, notably cutting a song that wasn’t quite living up to its expectations, which left us with the 6 song EP we have today. Last minute bits and pieces were recorded including some backup vocals, extra rhythm guitars and even a new solo for Colour Me In was recorded less than 5 hours before the completion of the final master tracks.


Announcement & Music Videos
After a long needed break to regather ourselves, preparations for the release of ‘Carvel EP’ were made in September 2017. Cheyne was recruited to help plan and film our music videos for the two singles, ‘Colour Me In’ and ‘Dark Side of Me’.

Dark Side of Me was an early wake up call at 4:30am, filmed on the Northside of Brisbane along the ocean, Tim walked in and out of the shadows cast by the many bridges running from Redcliffe to Woody Point as he crossed paths with James and Cameron. Cheyne’s ambitious idea to film the shot in one take came out perfectly.



Colour Me In took a lot more preparation, and weather pending, we set up shop at a local marketplace. The idea was a jam-focused and fun clip, woven with a second story line of James painting a caricature of Tim and Cameron – a subtle reference to our classic, shorts and barefoot early days on YouTube which is hopefully appreciated by those who have followed us since the beginning. The artwork was created by Sebastian Hernan Baez. You can see more of his work here. We painted an old drum kit and crushed up chalk for the shoot.