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‘TimAndCameronPlayingGuitar started as a small project in 2013. Friends since high school, we had previously played music together in jazz and rock bands, and decided to reunite for a new project during our university days. What began as filming some relaxed acoustic cover songs of our favourite tracks, not expecting to gain any traction quickly took us on this crazy journey of running what feels like a Brazilian-fan-driven Red Hot Chili Peppers cover channel, starting a new band ‘Carvel’, releasing a debut EP, and even meeting and jamming with Flea himself.

The three of us recording our first ever band cover of ‘Under the Bridge’ in 2015, which is currently our second most viewed cover of all time. 


Meeting Flea in 2015, the craziest experience of our lives so far.


It’s been a crazy four years since we started the channel, and making the decision to take time away from our channel and work on this EP was not taken lightly. We love making music, and have worked incredibly hard on our follow up ‘Carvel EP’. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through it all.